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Top 10 tips on keeping Bub busy while the parents stay somewhat sane..

Top 10 tips on keeping Bub busy while the parents stay somewhat sane..

So…. I bet no one has asked you again what you do as a SAHM huh? Let’s face it, this mega time at home during this world sweep is testing at times and Mumma and Dadda just need a break, 3.5 minutes of quiet time would be lovely, am I right?


So let’s have a chat about some things we can do from A.M to P.M to keep our precious, fierce and ENERGETIC little ones busy, happy and learning. Some hands on stuff and also some independent play to help Mum or Dad recoup and feel refreshed.


First things first.. set your day up to be a good, positive and clear space. Somewhere you want to be for the whole day. In order to have a clear mind we need to have a clean space. So, if time allows, try and do a quick 10 minute mad dash the night before, this includes stacking the dishwasher, cleaning up the toy room, getting breaky ready / pre-prepared (so your tired, coffee deprived mind doesn’t have to do too much thinking at 6:30am), trust me, your future self will thank your night before self!


Secondly, we absolutely LOVE and find joy in ‘opening up the house together’. We? – my mini me and I. Opening up the house, what? Every morning, without doubt (after our kisses, snuggles and a nappy change) we go around the entire house and open up all of the blinds, sliding doors and windows together. Bringing in light, fresh air and the sounds surrounding our little abode.


Once we have said good morning to everything in sight it’s time to tackle the day. So what can we do to help get us all through our days?


  1. Create some fun out of meal times. At the moment our babe is 9 months, and learning is rapid! Considering we can’t physically see a lot of our loved ones at the moment, we take this still time to chat about everyone. On our fridge we have photo magnets with Gran, Grandad, Nanna, Poppy, Pippy, Uncle, Aunty, Mum, Dad and also our little babe. She finds so much love and excitement in pointing to / touching everyone’s faces. It also reminds her each morning of who she has in her life so close to her.
  2. Let your babe be MESSY. Throw that OCD brain out the window and just indulge in MESS! I know it might seem hard to start with, but my god it is so much fun once you let go and just be.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t organised 27 different activities for your babe/s to explore that day. These little rascals find play out of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Literally. Pop a few empty containers on the ground for them and I promise you, they’ll make a game of it.
  4. I forgot to mention one of my MOST important points, for the parents! Pop on your favourite Spotify playlist in the morning, play it loud, sing, dance and enjoy. I get the craziest looks from our babe but you know what?! BE Crazy. Have fun!! They might even join in. And… who doesn’t find guilty pleasure in your fav music and a daily dance? At the moment I’m loving ‘Chill af’ on Spotify and ‘Disney Hits’ – because, why not!
  5. A hot little tip, no pun intended..Use a travel mug with a secure lid for your morning coffee or tea. Keeping your guilty pleasure hot, and an added BONUS, it won’t spill if it's accidentally knocked over.
  6. Use every day utensils / bits and bobs around the home for play time. There’s LOTS of sensory pages on Instagram that you can follow, one of my fave’s has to be @Zaziplaysnz – you’ll find daily ideas and inspiration and her babe is just divine!!
  7. Don’t feel as though you have to always be at bubs level, playing with them. Yes, a good chunk of your day will be enjoying playing and learning at eye level with your little one. But we all need some ‘me’ time during our days, even if it is for 5 minutes. Let your babe explore on their own, try not to always interrupt or guide them on ‘how to play’. If they are playing with something a different way to you, let it be. That’s their way of exploring and learning.
  8. This one is super important, especially while we are restricted on where we can go. Get outside and get some fresh air, DAILY! If you’re on lockdown, make use of ANY outdoor space you have around your home. If you’re not on lockdown yet, go for a walk, get some exercise and allow your babe to take in the outdoors. Mum and Dad, this is super important to your mental health as well.
  9. Try and keep as much of a normality throughout your household as possible. If your little one has ballet practise every Tuesday at 4pm but is no longer able to go, pull up some Youtube videos of classes for him/her to follow along with. Babes love routine, if we can stick to it as much as possible, they’ll love you for it.
  10. If your little one seems to be quite attached to you today, try to include them in what you’re doing – dishes, ironing, washing, vacuuming etc. There’s some great hacks online for learning towers that can help include them as much as possible and keep you hands free (search Kmart or Ikea learning tower hack). Also remember if bub is super clingy, it’s for a reason, stop, slow down and help them throughout this time.


Well fam, these are my top 10 tips for you. If you’d like another blog on specific activities, let me know. I’d love to get some creative ideas across to you all and I’m ALWAYS up to learn about some new ideas from you as well. Comment below what you’ve been loving to do, to get you through these somewhat confusing days.


Stay safe, stay positive and stay happy.


Lots of love Oaklings.


Chat soon!!


Shan x

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